Hi fellow trader,
My name is Sow.
I founded this company because like many traders out there I failed a number of times at trading financial markets before I finally understood what I was doing wrong.
I’ve spent countless amount of hours and dollars in finding the ‘best’ strategy I could.
I’ve spent sleepless nights worrying about how my trades we’re going.
I’ve blown more trading accounts then I’d like to admit.
I founded the company because once I understood what I was doing wrong, I wanted to prevent new traders from making the same mistakes.
Trading can be a extremely rewarding experience both financially and emotionally. However, its often a very bumpy road to get there.
Traders often spend months, if not years, jumping from one strategy to another to try and find the ‘holy grail’, without spending time to really understand their own psychological limitations or how to improving discipline.
The real challenge in trading is not to find the best strategy, but to understand yourself. It’s only when you understand your own psychological limitations and work around them can you ever be truely great trader (or even a consistently profitable one). That’s where our Journal can help.
There are many strategies and methods to make money in the market. Our Journal helps you follow what ever your existing strategy is, but with discipline and consistency.
Want to know my full story? Read here.

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