My 2014 trading results

As some of you may already know from my personal story that I’ve failed a number of times trading Forex.

2014 has been an amazing year of self discovery for me in terms of trading. About 1.5 years ago when I started building the Trading Consistently Journal I always thought there were areas in my trading and my psychology that needed to improve that I couldn’t yet track with the tools that existed on the market.

So as I started building new features for myself. I realised they were not only amazingly useful for me but also for all the customers who were using it at the time (a whooping 10 people back then!).

Most importantly, I was able to see results in my own trading account. Today, I’m really proud to share the results with you.


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  • Gain of 1982% for the 2014 year
  • Number of trades 371
  • Win/loss ratio 28%/72%
  • Profit factor 1.7

This was the year of major change. I went from consistently losing with major drawdowns to understanding where my errors were and then using the Trading Consistently Journal to keep my discipline and consistency intact to recuperate and becoming consistently profitable for the rest of the year. The first quater was one of struggle where I kept losing but was the first time where I journalled every single trade in vivid detail relentlessly.

It was the first time I understood what I was really doing wrong in my trading and found ways to overcome them. I didn’t find one to two mistakes – I found 5 major mistakes I kept repeating! Once I found out what I was doing wrong, I used the Journal to help me prevent making those same mistakes again and my account never looked back.

While it was very difficult time for me it also represented the greatest time of growth as a trader. Looking back, I learned so much about myself from Journalling each trade. Thanks to tagging and tracking I found so many mistakes in my consistency and psychology thanks to my Journal and to some self reflection I found ways to overcome them.

Using the Trading Consistently Journal was actually invaluable to my personal growth as a trader. Even as I write this I’m proud to say the Journal I designed has fundamentally improved my own trading. That’s why I’m so proud and confident that no matter what you trade or how your trade it, that the Trading Consistently Journal will help you be a better trader.

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EDIT: Note – the original live account has since shut down but the broker has graciously offered to transfer trade data into a demo account just for me so I can show the full results. While the TC Journal can generate statistics I’ve decided to use a third party website to show the statistics to minimise any conflict of interest.

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Sow Behl

Sow is a 6 year trading veteran primarily trading FX and equity markets making 1982% return in 2014. After spending years and countless failures trying to find the elusive holy grail lead him to discover elements of what truly makes successful trader. Sow founded the Trading Consistently Journal as a mission to help all traders understand and improve their trading psychology, discipline and consistency. Learn more.


  1. I think your amazing in your level of transparency and honesty. It’s great that you held in there at that drawdown period. That’s a real tough phase. We’re all learning here. Your journal has really helped improve our firm’s traders. Well done and keep going.

  2. Well done Sow, rocking!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this – and that’s truely an amazing result, regardless of the drawdown. I’ve personally seen amazing gains from using your Journal so thank you so much Sow.


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