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Joseph Janos asked 1 year ago

I just signed up for the evaluation and am trying to use the Analytics on a Journal I just created.  I entered 2 trades but when I click on Analytics for the journal, I get the following message:
The Trading Consistently Journal platform calculates data you populate from within the Journal. It can show you your Equity graph, win rate % and much more. However, in order to use this you need to goto ‘Create a New Journal’ button and create a Journal from a template. It doesn’t work on Blank templates.
The Analytics for my new journal won’t display.

Joseph Janos

Yiannis Petrou replied 8 months ago

I have the same problem. Does this actually work?

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Cristian Ivanov answered 1 year ago

There is no support for this platform. You will get no answer here or using the Contact form.
Which is a shame because the platform is pretty good and far better than those Excel Journals.
I suppose the author/owner  is no longer available and this site is running by itself.

Cristian Ivanov