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Kian Mikhchi asked 5 months ago

I have created my custom Journal from a Blank Document. I am tracking all of my trades as planned, but it will not allow me to gather the analytics form these trades and says I am suppose to create a journal from a template. 
Maybe I am missing something or not selecting the right thing, but I would like to be able to see the statistics from my Journal Entries in My Custom Journal I created.
Thank you for the help

Kian Mikhchi

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Kian Mikhchi replied 4 months ago

Lets get this figured out. Contact me asap please at 719-433-0567

Sow Behl Staff replied 5 months ago

Hi Kian,No problem, just reach out to the support team on the Contact Us page and make sure to include your username so that they can set that up for you.

1 Answers
Sow Behl Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Kian,
No problem, just reach out to the support team on the Contact Us page and make sure to include your username so that they can set that up for you.

Sow Behl

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