Benefits for Trading Institutions

Define a strategy for your traders, or let them define their own.

Turn your strategy and trading process into a template which you can duplicate for your traders to follow, or let them define their own to follow with discipline.

Maintain multiple traders, strategies & journals

Single traders can manage multiple strategies through our journal. Or multiple traders can manage multiple journals. It’s up to you.

Identify and mentor struggling traders early on.

Track multiple trader’s discipline, consistency and performance over time. Mentors have full visibility into junior trader’s journals and can leave notes on where to improve. Evaluate a trader’s individual psychological make up and determine gaps in their learning.

Improve clarity, compliance & transparency

Know exactly what each trader was thinking for every trade. View their charts exactly as they saw it. Understand their logic for entering each and every trade. Full flexibility in journal design means the journals can also be potentially adapted for auditability and compliance purposes if required.

Fully branded to your company

Our white label solution is able to be  branded to your company

Stored in the cloud behind industrial strength SSL security.

Security is our core requirement. All information is stored in secure servers behind industrial grade SSL encrypted communications. You remain in control of your data at all times.

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