Benefits for Individual Traders

Define your strategy & trading process upfront.

Plan your entire strategy upfront with our extremely flexible and easy to use drag and drop editor with a variety of custom fields to suit the exact requirements of your strategy. Your Trading Consistently Journal doubles as your trading process.

Execute trades flawlessly.

Specify your trade entry and management criteria directly into your journal as a series of ‘checklists’. Fill in your Journal each time before you enter a trade to ensure you’ve followed your strategy, prevented any execution mistakes and done your due diligence correctly. 

Statistically analyse your psychology.

Can your journal show you a graph of your greatest psychological weaknesses? We thought not. Our ‘psychological tags’ help you identify your individual repeating psychological patterns and mistakes. Our cognitive re-framing tools help prevent them from holding you back.

Master your emotions.

Cognitive reframing techniques are built right into the ‘Psychology zone’. Through repetitive use these tools are scientifically shown to help traders re-wire subconscious destructive thought patterns.

Capture what you see, in seconds.

Compatible with fast screencapture tools such as Lightshot to capture your chart, exactly as you see it, in seconds. Video or screenshot. You can also annotate your screen shots before saving. Attach multiple screen shots per trade.

Track any aspect, then run a report on it.

Finding a potentially profitable new trading entry, management or exit criteria in your trading? Tag it and track its potential over time. After a period, run a report and see how profitable this new criteria is to consider inserting it as part of your core strategy.

Any strategy, any market.

Our Journal has true flexibility to adapt to any strategy for any traded market – can be used for Stocks, Forex, Options, Futures or CFD trading.

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