Most traders understand the importance of a trading journal…


…but few journals actually help traders improve, why?



Spreadsheets and other Journals
Trading Consistently Journal
Designed to be used AFTER a trade has been made when its too late to understand your errors.
Designed to be used BEFORE a trade has been executed helping actively prevent mistakes, helping you stay disciplined and manage your psychology.
Mostly designed to generate generic graphs and statistics from your past trades. (win %, draw down, sharpe ratio etc).
Designed to give you a simple, flexible reporting engine so you can run any report that is relevant you. Giving you the power to ask increasingly complex questions on virtually every aspect of your trading – technical & psychological or even fundamental.
Does not allow quantitative analysis of your trading psychology.
Our Journal can run a quantitative analysis (charts and reports) on your psychology to help you discover what’s really holding you back, and prevent those mistakes from happening again.
  – track your trading habits
  – quantify your weaknesses (e.g. hesitation, revenge trading, exit too early, enter too late)
  – report on your execution mistakes,
  – review trade management errors.
Lack tools needed to modify your behaviour & psychology.
Our Journal has built in psychology management tools which have been scientifically proven to modify your bad trading behaviour through cognitive re-framing techniques built into repeated affirmations. In addition, the ability to track your compliance to read these affirmations.
Does not prevent you from making mistakes.
Minor mistakes could mean a major losses for your trading. Our Journal ensures you execute a trade exactly as per your trading rules through our pre-execution checklist & trade ‘grading’ features.
Discipline and consistency is not tracked.
Consistent execution and trade management is essential for trading success. Our trade management checklist ensures you follow your plan from start to finish. You can even run charts to see how disciplined you were.
No accountability.
Why do performance athletes hire coaches? Because accountability works. Your Trading Consistently Journal is your coach who your accountable to. Sharing individual trades right from within the Journal to get feedback from your peers further concretes your accountability.
Inability to share a single trade & get feedback. Leveraging your social contacts & networks is a under utilised learning tool. Sharing your individual trades with mentors and fellow traders. They can provide you with feedback on where to improve.

We had to re-think what a real Trading Journal ought to be…


…to help you be the best trader you can possibly be.

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