How I journal my trades & trading psychology in 30 seconds

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An overwhelming amount of day traders, scalpers and system traders are looking to find ways to speed up journalling their trades yet track their trading psychology.

Today I want to share how I use a unique feature of the Trading Consistently Journal to ensure super fast yet highly detailed journalling.

Like many traders out there I found normal Journalling incredibly boring. It was time consuming and took me away from trading.

But I knew (from being scolded from every other successful trader that I ever knew existed) that in order to improve my trading psychology and discipline that I needed to journal every single one of my trades, so I persevered.

But what I really wanted a way to journal my trades quicker! But was I the only one who needed this?

When I asked the Trading Consistently community if they had the same problem, over 70% agreed that their single biggest problem.

So I just had to roll up my sleeves and find a better way. And now I’m proud to say – I did it.

Today I want to show you exactly how I journal my entire trade including trading psychology in 3o seconds, but still capture in vivid detail what I was thinking about in each trade.

Introducing Video Journalling.

Video Journalling is the next evolution of trading journals which is currently unique only to the Trading Consistently Journal (until the competition wants to steal the idea, obviously).

The idea is simple – you capture your trade on video which you can attach as your journal entry.

The video is stored privately and securely in your very own Trading Consistently Journal which you can refer back to anytime or even share with your trading partners for trade review and feedback.

Best of all, it takes only a few seconds to journal which cuts down your journalling time and helping you get back to trading quickly while capturing your thoughts, reasons for entering the trade and your psychology.

Let’s see what you need to get started –

  1. A microphone so you can record your voice.
  2. Jing (Grab your copy here. It’s free.) downloaded and installed on your computer
  3. Your Trading Consistently Journal open on your trade entry screen.

Step 1. Download and install Jing.

If you haven’t already done so grab your free copy of Jing and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Capture your trade.

Once Jing has been installed and opened you’ll notice a little yellow sun on your top right of your screen. Putting your mouse over it reveals some options.

Now open your trading platform and also your Trading Consistently Journal through the ‘Enter Trades’ section and let’s get started.


How to open the Enter Trades section of the Journal

HOT TIP: Bookmark your ‘Enter Trade’ screen of your journal for a super fast entry. You don’t need to even login to enter a trade.

Now jump onto your trading platform of choice (we’re showing the TradingView platform below as an example, but you can use whatever trading platform you normally use) and as soon as you spot your perfect trading opportunity then first thing you want to do is to go to your top right of the screen and click on the yellow sun then click on the ‘Capture’ button.


Going to capture mode in Jing


Then using the special crosshair tool, simply select your chart where on your screen you wish to begin to recording then hit the ‘Capture a video’.


Going to a capture on video mode


HOT TIP: You can also simply select the very top of part of your trading platform which will automatically highlight the entire app in one easy click

Jing will start the video countdown and get ready for video capture.


Get Jing ready for video recording

Now this is where the magic happens. Use your mic and simply speak the reasons your entering. Some more ideas to consider –

  • Pull up your Trading Consistently Journal in your video and talk through your pre-trade checklist to ensure you’ve met your trading criteria without manually having to type it in.
  • Use your mouse to point to specific areas on the chart your talking about rather then drawing in sections.
  • Talk though the reasons as to why your entering the trade. Technical and/or fundamental.
  • Talk though how your feeling right now (rushed, anxious etc) which is crucial to understand your trading psychology.
  • Change screens to any time frame or to any other charts on the video
  • Change screens to any news reports your looking at and explain your justifications for entering that trade.

It doesn’t need to be a long video, in fact, you are forced to be under 5 mins. Quick succinct reasons are the best. Due to my highly systematic entries it typically takes me under 30 seconds to journal a trade.

When your done, simply stop and save the video to your desktop.

Step 3: Upload your video to the Trading Consistently Journal.

Your final step is to upload the video to your Trading Consistently Journal. Just open your browser and find any File Upload section and upload the file to your trade entry –


Upload to journal entry

Done! You’ve just journalled your trade entry in a few seconds and you can continue to execute your trade on your trading platform.

Once your trade is over …

When the trade is fully completed (ie. win or loss) then you can fill in the Trade outcome screen of your Trading Consistently Journal and evaluate that trade. Feel free to make another video for the evaluation too otherwise just fill in the text fields manually.

However, please ensure you fill in four essential fields – the profit and loss amount, your traded security (ie. which Stock or currency), your open/close dates (already default to your current time for fast entry) and finally the mistakes log section. We use all this to calculate your trading statistics.

Fun part – review your key statistics.

Now that you’ve done the hard work of journalling (phew!) jump over and check out your core trading statistics. You’ve got almost everything you could ever need sitting in your ‘Analytics’ section of your Journal –

  • Win/loss ratio
  • Biggest winner/loser
  • Most profitable times to trade
  • Most profitable security (ie. Share or Currency)
  • … and so much more…

How to view your trade statistics

Not only that but if you jump over to Custom Reports you could design your own report to get more advanced statistics such as –

  • Most frequent psychological mistakes overall/most frequent mistakes (based on what you track in Mistakes log)
  • Number of losses from the mistakes
  • … and the ability to design your own custom report!

Reviewing your trade video

Feel free to even pull up which specific trades caused your losses by usig the ‘View Entries’ section to review your trades and click on an entry to review the trading videos.


View video recording

Understand what worked and what you could improve. You can always edit that entry too and add comments on where to improve.

How to remember to journal prior to executing a trade

Now that you have a powerful journalling tool, it’s essential to remember to maintain the habit of journalling PRIOR to entering your trade and using your Trading Consistently Journal to keep you from making mistakes and steer you on the path of good discipline.

We all want to maintain good trading discipline, but how exactly do we maintain this crucial habit?

According to BJ Frogg’s TEDx talk a highly effective way to modify behaviour is by using ‘Tiny Habits’.

A Tiny Habit hooks onto existing habits or triggers which helps has form new habits.

We need to identify a TRIGGER (ie. a trade opportunity exists) then define one, small action we will take after that trigger event that requires little effort. In this case its doing a video journal. So it goes like this –

“After I find a trade opportunity I will open Jing to take a video and upload it to the TC Journal.”

Practising doing this process over and over after the trigger event (identifying a trading opportunity) will ensure you’ve built this into a positive trading habits while following your strategy with consistency.

So that’s it. Hope you guys find this feature useful.

Love it? Hate it? Confused? Let me know your thoughts and comments below and if you like the article please remember to share it!

Sow Behl

Sow is a 6 year trading veteran primarily trading FX and equity markets making 1982% return in 2014. After spending years and countless failures trying to find the elusive holy grail lead him to discover elements of what truly makes successful trader. Sow founded the Trading Consistently Journal as a mission to help all traders understand and improve their trading psychology, discipline and consistency. Learn more.


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