'Another failed trade. What am I doing wrong?'

It’s not your strategy, it’s your emotions.

Discover how our unique Journal can help you prevent mistakesstrengthen discipline and master your emotions – so you can be consistently profitable.


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Introducing the Trading Consistently Journal…

Our unique trading journal is designed to improve your disciplineprevent mistakes and help you master your psychology.

How does our Journal help traders?


Trading Consistently Journal helps you define your strategy into a series of checklist processes which you review for each trade which not only helps you actively reduce mistakes but also improves discipline. We can help you follow your strategy in a consistent manner, helping you to understand your strategy’s true profitability.


Traders constantly look for new strategies without spending time to understand the true nature of what is causing their losses. Our Journal can help you statistically analyse your psychology to help expose your own damaging behaviours while providing effective tools on changing those behaviours and limiting beliefs.



By defining a trade plan completely as our Journal requires and following our effective guidelines on psychology management, you’ll find find discipline and managing emotions such as doubt, fear, greed, anger and hesitation become much easier.

You see, our Journal is different.

Not only does our Trading Journal help traders log their trades but has built in methods to ingrain discipline, prevent mistakes and master your emotions that goes far beyond any existing Journal or Spreadsheet.

Power in Flexibility.

Our Journal can also be fully customised to your precise trading strategy to help you execute your strategy with consistency. Our simple drag and drop editor makes it easy to insert your trading rules quickly.

Meaningful Analytics.

Our Journal gives you the power to ask increasingly complex questions on virtually every aspect of your trading – technical & psychological, helping you gain a deep understanding of your trading like never before.

Benefits for Individual Traders


Ingrain discipline


Prevent mistakes


Master your emotions


Run charts on your psychology


Supports any strategy, any market, any broker


Share trades, get feedback.


Powerful, flexible and easy reporting.

Benefits for Institutional Traders & Educators


A private journal branded to your company.


Behind secure SSL security


Collaborate with multiple traders Journals


Improve clarity & transparency


Mentor junior traders


Improve accountability


Brainstorm trade ideas

Our unique Journal shows you the insights you need to get the consistent results you want.

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I’ve been buying and trying a lot of other journals but I couldn’t find one that was as user friendly as the Trading Consistently Journal!

TJS journal, EdgeWonk, other Excel sheets – None of them do the job as well as you do.

Thanks for that, I’ll stick around for sure and I’ll advertise for you! Jürgen Vandenhouwe

Stock, Forex and Options Trader

The Trading Consistently Journal’s unmatched flexibility allowed us to customise the journal specifically to our strategy. No other journal helped our traders to stick to the strategies’ rules and also track their trading and psychology individually while also providing an option to collectively share our trading ideas and journals between our traders in a private, secure environment. It can even help us with compliance.

Charles Brown III, CMT

President, CB3 Financial Group

I was playing the whole evening last night till 2 am with your software and this is my feedback:

–  It’s the most comprehensive solution I’ve seen to record and track the psychological side of the trade
–  Creating templates is very easy and has a high degree of flexibility
–  Good degree of customization for graphs

Javier Sanchez

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